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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved daughter and friend to many, Marin Nicole Ebel, who was born in Santa Fe,  New Mexico on July 29, 1987 and passed away on January 31, 2004 at the age of 16 1/2. Our love for her continues each and every day.
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Happy Valentines's Day   / Rindy McIntrye
Happy Valentine's Day to the sweetest girl ever. We sure miss you, Moo and you always enjoyed this day and made it special for those around you. You made every day special for your friends and family. But we know you have not left us, just the sight ...  Continue >>
We look at your pictures   / Reggie Sanchez (friend)
The years tick on and yet, we have vivid memories of you with so much detail. You would be 27 now and what would you be doing, still being the best friend to a number of us, listening to our life stories, giving us the love, support, smiles you alway...  Continue >>
Looking at you   / Jocelyn Neiminger (friend)
Marin, we look at your photos, remember your smile, how funny and sweet you were, how talented, too. You were our best friend, an amazing athlete, incredible human being. Now we try to emulate you and think, what would have Marin done or said in this...  Continue >>
Hard to believe   / Melissa McCartney (friend)
Marin, it is hard to believe it has been ten years. We shake our heads and cry for the amount of time that has gone by in missing you as our dearest friend, companion, daughter. How can it be that this person named Marin had to leave us so early in h...  Continue >>
Passing years   / Melissa Wrangly (friend)
Marin, know that you are thought of and remembered so much during this time of the year. We love you and miss you so much, you and your radiant smile. We look at you as our guardian angel illuminating our way here, we feel you near during our travels...  Continue >>
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Free from Fear  / Kimberly Weiner     Read >>
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Thoughts, Prayers and Memories  / Bill Graf (Friend of Family )    Read >>
St Francis of Assisi Prayer  / Carla Richardson (friend)    Read >>
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Comfort in Scripture  / Marie Schwann (no)    Read >>
Love never fails  / Linda Wilson (no)    Read >>
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Her legacy

Marin was a joyful child, she trembled with excitement and ecstasy, those who knew her knew the little hop, waving of her hands like a little bird, walking back and forth that she did when she was excited. It was her trademark, hers alone. I never saw another child or baby do this. Marin woke up with a song, she sang in her room, in the shower, at one point in her life she was convinced she would be a singer and she loved to dance. Marin was very funny, had a great sense of humor, made funny faces,  but was very intune with her friends, family and animals. She loved writing stories as soon as she could write she would keep journals and draw the cutest drawings. She was a delightful and easy person to be around. I loved our time together.

When she was about 5 and I was working in hospice, she asked me to see the sickest of patients. I took her to the hospital and we walked the corridors of the cancer floor, she peeked in some of the rooms. She was not shocked or afraid. A friend of hers' mother was dying of cancer, the girls were teammates in softball and were probably 10-11 years of age. When this mom went into an inpatient hospice, I would take Marin with me to see her she held her hand and was very kind and loving of her even though she did not know her that well. I was very touched by Marin's comfort in doing this. Not many children would want to look at death that closely.

 Marin loved her animals so very much and Chef was her love, a dalmatian who she would buy as many as 12-14 gifts for, for Christmas. She would be full of glee in helping him open his presents. Chef came to see her in the ICU when she was in the hospital. He wanted to jump on her bed, but caught himself from doing that and licked the top of her hand, he was very respectful of her fragil state she was in at that point.

As a social worker and nurse, I tried very hard to have my children learn at an early age about compassion for those in need. We worked at shelters over the holidays or drove around to hand out food and clothing. Marin was very aware of people's plight and wanted to help those she could, she was very generous with these people and her family and friends.

Once Marin went with me when my father was very ill and was on a respirator, he did survive that hospitalization. We were there at Christmas and she sat on the ICU bed with him and sang Christmas carols, even though he was in a coma. I could not have asked for a more wonderful daughter, she was precious to me in so many ways. God knows I miss her so very much as does her family and friends. I am sure she is helping in ways that she can, more so perhaps than in her earthly body. We love you Marin. I cannot wait to see you again my love.

her friendship  
Marin knew how to be a good friend and was a friend to many. Once she mentioned that this was probably the most important thing she could do in her life and the friends she had known knew that she was loyal, supportive, loving and encouraging. She was someone they could turn to and she understood them.
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